12 Gauge Shotie — So Cal Ifornia album mp3

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title: 12 Gauge Shotie — So Cal Ifornia album mp3

year: 2007
genre: gangsta rap

MP3 track list:

1. 12 Gauge Shotie – Intro.mp3

2. 12 Gauge Shotie – Get Em Daddy.mp3

3. 12 Gauge Shotie – I Love My Liquor featuring Dobeezo.mp3

4. 12 Gauge Shotie – No English.mp3

5. 12 Gauge Shotie – Akkkkay.mp3

6. 12 Gauge Shotie – Chillin in the Club (Off the How I’m Living album).mp3

7. 12 Gauge Shotie – Front Back.mp3

8. 12 Gauge Shotie – Been Straight.mp3

9. 12 Gauge Shotie – Hot You Wit the Shotie featuring Tony Doo.mp3

10. 12 Gauge Shotie – La Costa Nostra featuring Lil Spank Booty.mp3

11. 12 Gauge Shotie – Goin Down.mp3

12. 12 Gauge Shotie – Pistol on Me.mp3

13. 12 Gauge Shotie – Balln.mp3

14. 12 Gauge Shotie – Interlude.mp3

15. 12 Gauge Shotie – Gangsta Shit featuring Lil B-Stone and Mikey Defense.mp3

16. 12 Gauge Shotie – Aaadddimin featuring Keak da Sneak.mp3

17. 12 Gauge Shotie – I’m So Cali featuring Dobeezo and Turf Talk.mp3

18. 12 Gauge Shotie – I Don’t Like to Rap.mp3

19. 12 Gauge Shotie – Who Can Do it Like this featuring Dobeezo.mp3

20. 12 Gauge Shotie – Baby You featuring I-Rocc.mp3

21. 12 Gauge Shotie – Rest of My Life featuring Kokane.mp3

22. 12 Gauge Shotie – Dolla You Stack featuring Black Mikey.mp3

23. 12 Gauge Shotie – Top Down featuring Mikey Defense.mp3

24. 12 Gauge Shotie – Outro.mp3

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