Assets volume 4 – Various Artists — Red Bull Music Academy Toronto 2007 album mp3

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title: Assets volume 4 – Various Artists — Red Bull Music Academy Toronto 2007 album mp3

year: 2008
genre: house

MP3 track list:

1. Muhsinah and Jake One – You.mp3

2. Didem Suzen – Somethings Gone.mp3

3. Trg Benga and DJ Zinc – Benga Woz Here.mp3

4. Kez Ym David Ryshpan Mara TK and Randy Muller – Oniyanma.mp3

5. Bruna – With Your Fingers.mp3

6. Migumatix vs. Mat 64 – Toronto Mindgames.mp3

7. Mara TK and Jake One – Look What Youve Made of Me.mp3

8. Ommas Keith – Trouble Girl.mp3

9. Akiko Kiyama and Ronald Kohn – Found in Translation.mp3

10. Africa Hi Tec featuring Rio – Too Late.mp3

11. Zephec – Queen St.mp3

12. Samiyam and Hudson Mohawke – Eff this.mp3

13. Katheath dirty Sonix and M. J. Zilla – Victoria Secret.mp3

14. Baris K. – Show You Love.mp3

15. Sarah Lahey and David Ryshpan – No Place.mp3

16. Dead Leaf – Requiem in A-Flat Reprise.mp3

17. Juba Dance – We Will Wait for You.mp3

18. Marks and Muhsinah – In Need of.mp3

19. Luis Davis and St. Gran – I am not Sure.mp3

20. Martorio – Share of.mp3

21. Quareback – Dark Ascent.mp3

22. Marks and Ommas Keith – Streets is Cold.mp3

23. Tufan Demir and MAT64 – Gone Away.mp3

24. Katheath Torreblanca and Sarah Lahey – Que Esperas.mp3

25. Turbo – Rexx and Granufunk-re-Faust.mp3

26. The Clonious featuring N. I. A. M. H and Granufunk – Valediction.mp3

27. Happy Melody – Indian Summer.mp3

28. Makoto DJ Zinc Ommas Keith and Denius – Close to Me.mp3

29. Tony Allen Jam Session – Interlude.mp3

30. N. I. A. M. H. and Ronald K. – Falling Star.mp3

31. Sarah Lahey and Ommas Keith – Get Over.mp3

32. Tufan Demir and Velez – Send More Cops.mp3

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