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title: Bad Dudes — Bad Dudes album mp3

year: 2005
genre: indie

MP3 track list:

1. Bad Dudes – Prelude.mp3

2. Bad Dudes – Megasquid.mp3

3. Bad Dudes – Xombie.mp3

4. Bad Dudes – Rum Siero.mp3

5. Bad Dudes – Cabana Boyzz.mp3

6. Bad Dudes – Human Shield.mp3

7. Bad Dudes – Animatronic Tito Puente.mp3

8. Bad Dudes – Celebrate the Moments of Your God Forsaken Life.mp3

9. Bad Dudes – Intermission (vinyl Karate by Bobby French).mp3

10. Bad Dudes – Mendez on Mendez Crime.mp3

11. Bad Dudes – Twilight in the Peat Bog.mp3

12. Bad Dudes – Dawn of the Dudes.mp3

13. Bad Dudes – F F B O.mp3

14. Bad Dudes – Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.mp3

15. Bad Dudes – Epilogue.mp3

16. Bad Dudes – Progressive Wet T-Shirt Contest.mp3

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