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title: Coburn — Coburn album mp3

year: 2007
genre: electronic

MP3 track list:

1. Coburn – National Anthem of the Coburn Republic.mp3

2. Coburn – Sick featuring Princess Superstar and Solid State.mp3

3. Coburn – Closer.mp3

4. Coburn – Razorblade featuring Heidrun.mp3

5. Coburn – We Interrupt this Programme featuring Soli State.mp3

6. Coburn – Beyond Dawn.mp3

7. Coburn – Give Me Love.mp3

8. Coburn – Matured Sinner.mp3

9. Coburn – Tallulah.mp3

10. Coburn – 10000 Leagues featuring Dean Van Jones.mp3

11. Coburn – I Get My Kicks.mp3

12. Coburn – Stay Alive in 85.mp3

13. Coburn – Too Drunk Too Recall.mp3

14. Coburn – Baby Boomer.mp3

15. Coburn – Edge of A Knife.mp3

16. Coburn – Interlude.mp3

17. Coburn – Sick (Reprise).mp3

18. Coburn – Metro.mp3

19. Coburn – Erase.mp3

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