Greg Brown — Slant Six Mind album mp3

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title: Greg Brown — Slant Six Mind album mp3

year: 1998
genre: folk

MP3 track list:

1. Greg Brown – Whatever it was.mp3

2. Greg Brown – Loneliness House.mp3

3. Greg Brown – Mose Allison Played Here.mp3

4. Greg Brown – Spring and All.mp3

5. Greg Brown – Vivid.mp3

6. Greg Brown – Dusty Woods.mp3

7. Greg Brown – Billy from the Hills.mp3

8. Greg Brown – Speaking in Tongues.mp3

9. Greg Brown – Enough.mp3

10. Greg Brown – Hurts So Nice.mp3

11. Greg Brown – Wild Like A Sonny Boy.mp3

12. Greg Brown – Down at the Mill.mp3

13. Greg Brown – Why Don’t You Just Go Home.mp3

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