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title: Greg Edmonson — Firefly OST album mp3

year: 2005
genre: soundtrack

MP3 track list:

1. Greg Edmonson featuring Sonny Rhodes – Main Title.mp3

2. Greg Edmonson – Big Bar Fight.mp3

3. Greg Edmonson – Heart of Gold Montage.mp3

4. Greg Edmonson, Whitefall – Book.mp3

5. Greg Edmonson – Early Takes Serenity.mp3

6. Greg Edmonson – The Funeral.mp3

7. Greg Edmonson, Rivers Perception – Saffron.mp3

8. Greg Edmonson, Mal Fights Niska – Back Home.mp3

9. Greg Edmonson – River Tricks Early.mp3

10. Greg Edmonson – River Understands Simon.mp3

11. Greg Edmonson, Leaving – Caper Spaceball.mp3

12. Greg Edmonson, Rivers Afraid – Niska Torture.mp3

13. Greg Edmonson, in My Bunk – Jaynes Statue Boom.mp3

14. Greg Edmonson – Inaras Suite.mp3

15. Greg Edmonson, out of Gas – Empty Derelict.mp3

16. Greg Edmonson, Books Hair – Ready for Battle.mp3

17. Greg Edmonson, Tears – Rivers Eyes.mp3

18. Greg Edmonson, Cows – New Dress My Crew.mp3

19. Greg Edmonson, Boarding the Serenity – Derelict.mp3

20. Greg Edmonson and Alan Steinberger, Burgess Kills – Captains Ship.mp3

21. Greg Edmonson, Saved – Isn’t Home Reavers.mp3

22. Greg Edmonson – Reavers Chase Serenity.mp3

23. Greg Edmonson – Rivers Dance.mp3

24. Greg Edmonson and Alan Steinberger – Inside the Tam House.mp3

25. Greg Edmonson, Dying Ship – Naked Mal.mp3

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