King Ivory — The Bitch Done Quit Me album mp3

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title: King Ivory — The Bitch Done Quit Me album mp3

year: 1995
genre: blues

MP3 track list:

1. King Ivory – The Bitch Done Quit Me.mp3

2. King Ivory – Look Good Woman.mp3

3. King Ivory – Can’t Help but to Love You.mp3

4. King Ivory – Find Yourself A Job.mp3

5. King Ivory – Sweet Black Woman.mp3

6. King Ivory – Red Rooster.mp3

7. King Ivory – Alley Oop.mp3

8. King Ivory – C’mon Don’t You Wanna Go.mp3

9. King Ivory – Let’s Have A Good Time.mp3

10. King Ivory – Shake Rattle and Roll.mp3

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