Lil Gangster — Underground Chapter 1 album mp3

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title: Lil Gangster — Underground Chapter 1 album mp3

year: 2006
genre: gangsta rap

MP3 track list:

1. Lil Gangster – We Put it Down.mp3

2. Lil Gangster – I’m Outta Control.mp3

3. Lil Gangster – 2nite.mp3

4. Lil Gangster – Change His Ways.mp3

5. Lil Gangster – Look in My Eyes.mp3

6. Lil Gangster – Life I Lead.mp3

7. Lil Gangster – Dead in A Week.mp3

8. Lil Gangster – Wishin on A Star.mp3

9. Lil Gangster – Skit.mp3

10. Lil Gangster – Mouths Open.mp3

11. Lil Gangster – How You Do that.mp3

12. Lil Gangster – Tempted.mp3

13. Lil Gangster – I Don’t Wanna Be Right.mp3

14. Lil Gangster – The Wrong Bitch.mp3

15. Lil Gangster – One Way.mp3

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