Manuel Hermia — Le Murmure de L Orient album mp3

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title: Manuel Hermia — Le Murmure de L Orient album mp3

year: 2005
genre: meditative

MP3 track list:

1. Manuel Hermia – Chaan la Substance de L’Amour.mp3

2. Manuel Hermia – Barbara Wiernik-la Rencontre Des Ames.mp3

3. Manuel Hermia – Dhruba Ghosh-on the Way to Freedom.mp3

4. Manuel Hermia – Waking Up in Varanasi.mp3

5. Manuel Hermia – Tan.mp3

6. Manuel Hermia – Life Love and Death in Varanasi part I Life.mp3

7. Manuel Hermia – Life Love and Death in Varanasi part II Love.mp3

8. Manuel Hermia – Life Love and Death in Varanasi part III Death.mp3

9. Manuel Hermia – Walking in Varanasi.mp3

10. Manuel Hermia – Dhruba Ghosh-on the Way to Freedom… Freedom is the Way.mp3

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