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title: OST — Mrs. Henderson presents album mp3

year: 2006
genre: soundtrack

MP3 track list:

1. George Fenton – Overture.mp3

2. George Fenton – Bored with Widowhood.mp3

3. Will Young – Letting in the Sunshine.mp3

4. George Fenton – Revuedeville.mp3

5. George Fenton – Persuading Tommy.mp3

6. George Fenton featuring Camille Osullivan – Sweet Inspiration.mp3

7. George Fenton – Vivian Van Damm.mp3

8. Camille Osullivan with Will Young – Goody Goody.mp3

9. George Fenton – After the Ball.mp3

10. George Fenton – A Shilling for the Hour.mp3

11. George Fenton – Joyride.mp3

12. Sir Thomas Allen featuring George Fenton, the Fall of France – Marseillaise.mp3

13. George Fenton featuring Will Young – The Blitz A) Bombing B) the Grecian Frieze C) Defiance.mp3

14. The Obrien Sisters – Babies of the Blitz.mp3

15. Camille Osullivan – Blue Nightfall.mp3

16. George Fenton – The Girl in the Fan.mp3

17. Will Young – All the Things You are.mp3

18. George Fenton – Elegy.mp3

19. Will Young with Camille Osullivan – The Sails of the Windmill.mp3

20. Will Young – Girl in the Little Green Hat.mp3

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