Rising Shadows — Falling Deep Within album mp3

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title: Rising Shadows — Falling Deep Within album mp3

year: 2006
genre: darkwave

MP3 track list:

16. Rising Shadows – All Ends.mp3

15. Rising Shadows – Thus Passes Away the Glory of the World.mp3

14. Rising Shadows – And Then She was Gone.mp3

13. Rising Shadows – Falling Deep Within.mp3

12. Rising Shadows – Things.mp3

11. Rising Shadows – Instill Serenity.mp3

10. Rising Shadows – Reverence and Remembrance.mp3

9. Rising Shadows – Death Comes to us All.mp3

8. Rising Shadows – Kiss of Treachery and Absolution.mp3

7. Rising Shadows – Wakefulness.mp3

6. Rising Shadows – Longing Spirit.mp3

5. Rising Shadows – Wine of Nostalgia.mp3

4. Rising Shadows – In the Winter Garden.mp3

3. Rising Shadows – Autumn Again.mp3

2. Rising Shadows – Embraced by the Shadows.mp3

1. Rising Shadows – Vocalise.mp3

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