Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards — Subhumanoid Meltdown album mp3

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title: Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards — Subhumanoid Meltdown album mp3

year: 2007
genre: electronic

MP3 track list:

1. Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards – Slime Faced Cut Throat Caged Faced Weirdos.mp3

2. Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards – Come and Get Demented with the Dino Bastards.mp3

3. Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards – Ed 209 is Completely Knackered.mp3

4. Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards – Night of the Samurai Zombies.mp3

5. Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards – Wing of Steel Sword of Viking.mp3

6. Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards – Go Calligula Go Go Go.mp3

7. Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards – E-Robotika.mp3

8. Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards – Dr. Hammond.mp3

9. Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards – Break His Legs.mp3

10. Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards – We Can Dance at 1000 Mph.mp3

11. Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards – Cyberfreaks from Planet Pukoid.mp3

12. Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards – Mash Up Ya Guts.mp3

13. Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards – Winners Don’t Do Drugs Winners Kill Dogs.mp3

14. Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards – Robo Dino Sicky Poo.mp3

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