Thompson — Druga Strana album mp3

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title: Thompson — Druga Strana album mp3

year: 2008
genre: pop-folk

MP3 track list:

14. Thompson – Lijepa Li Si (Orch).mp3

13. Thompson – Ivane Pavle II.mp3

12. Thompson – Ima Nesto Vrjednije Od Zlata.mp3

11. Thompson – Volim Te.mp3

10. Thompson – Zmija Me Za Srce Ugrizla.mp3

9. Thompson – Poljubi Me.mp3

8. Thompson – Tamburaska (featuring Tamburaski Sastav Pajdasi).mp3

7. Thompson – Ka Bez Duse.mp3

6. Thompson – Rosa.mp3

5. Thompson – Moli Mala.mp3

4. Thompson, Anica – Kninska Kraljica.mp3

3. Thompson – Sjecas Li se Draga (Ljutu Travu Na Ljutu Ranu).mp3

2. Thompson – Prognanicka (Moj Grad).mp3

1. Thompson – Bojna Cavoglave.mp3

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