Various Artists — The Reincarnation of the Sun album mp3

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title: Various Artists — The Reincarnation of the Sun album mp3

year: 1994
genre: industrial

MP3 track list:

1. Red Harvest – Primal.mp3

2. Red Harvest – Receival of Truth.mp3

3. Red Harvest – Resist.mp3

4. Anstalt – I Don’t Believe in You.mp3

5. Anstalt – Human Input.mp3

6. Anstalt – Eternal.mp3

7. Anstalt – Strych.mp3

8. Valhall – Vulture Trance Time.mp3

9. Valhall – Doom.mp3

10. Valhall – Relief.mp3

11. Dunkelheit – True Believers.mp3

12. Dunkelheit – Solitary Survival.mp3

13. Dunkelheit – Finding the Way.mp3

14. Dunkelheit – Thrive Goblin House mix.mp3

15. Remyl – Golden Triangle-V2. 00.mp3

16. Remyl – Aahhhmmm.mp3

17. Remyl – Dys Dop.mp3

18. Piledriver – Stuck.mp3

19. Piledriver – Love Connection.mp3

20. Humid – Zool.mp3

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