Visionaries — Sophomore Jinx album mp3

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title: Visionaries — Sophomore Jinx album mp3

year: 2004
genre: hip-hop

MP3 track list:

1. Visionaries – Never the Same.mp3

2. Visionaries – Top Choice.mp3

3. Visionaries – Making Things Right (Love Rules All).mp3

4. Visionaries – Quattroduction.mp3

5. Visionaries – Stand Still.mp3

6. Visionaries – Reach.mp3

7. Visionaries – DJs MCs.mp3

8. Visionaries – Somersault Suicide.mp3

9. Visionaries – La Fresh.mp3

10. Visionaries – Tipping the Scales.mp3

11. Visionaries – Peace Mic.mp3

12. Visionaries – Self Sufficient.mp3

13. Visionaries – Come One Come All.mp3

14. Visionaries – Spiritual Warfare.mp3

15. Visionaries – Everybodys Lying.mp3

16. Visionaries – Thicken Up.mp3

17. Visionaries – Who (featuring 3rd Degree).mp3

18. Visionaries – Honorable Mention.mp3

19. Visionaries – Together or Separate.mp3

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