Wagon Cookin — Assorted Cookin album mp3

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title: Wagon Cookin — Assorted Cookin album mp3

year: 2004
genre: ambient

MP3 track list:

1. Wagon Cookin – El Peluco.mp3

2. Wagon Cookin – Moonstreams.mp3

3. Wagon Cookin – Fire.mp3

4. Wagon Cookin – Wind.mp3

5. Wagon Cookin – Leaving the Madness.mp3

6. Wagon Cookin – Un Poco Loco.mp3

7. Wagon Cookin – Mare.mp3

8. Wagon Cookin – Mar (Acoustic).mp3

9. Wagon Cookin – Take it Easy.mp3

10. Wagon Cookin – Lua.mp3

11. Wagon Cookin – No Complications (Rurals mix) (bonus track).mp3

12. Wagon Cookin – Novo Dia (Wagon Cookin mix) (bonus track).mp3

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