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title: Way out West — Productions album mp3

year: 2000
genre: trance

MP3 track list:

1. Way out West – Ajare (Wow remix).mp3

2. Way out West – Domination (Mururoa mix).mp3

3. Way out West – Domination (Wow dub).mp3

4. Way out West – Redemption.mp3

5. Way out West – Sequoia (promo mix).mp3

6. Way out West – Shoot.mp3

7. Way out West – Shoot (Extra Time).mp3

8. Way out West – Spike.mp3

9. Way out West – The Gift (Club mix).mp3

10. Way out West – Ub Devoid.mp3

11. Way out West – Activity.mp3

12. Way out West – Ajare (Original version).mp3

13. Way out West – Blue (Club mix).mp3

14. Way out West – Blue (Original mix).mp3

15. Way out West – Domination (Bonkers mix).mp3

16. Way out West – Enlightenment.mp3

17. Way out West – Hypnotise.mp3

18. Way out West – Montana (Original mix).mp3

19. Way out West – Montana (Lakota mix).mp3

20. Way out West – Montana (Sub-Bass Trance mix).mp3

21. Way out West – Music for Libraries.mp3

22. Way out West – The Fall.mp3

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