Afterlife — Speck of Gold album mp3

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title: Afterlife — Speck of Gold album mp3

year: 2004
genre: lo-fi

MP3 track list:

1. Afterlife – Speck of Gold.mp3

2. Afterlife – Clear Blue.mp3

3. Afterlife – Shine.mp3

4. Afterlife – Like Prana.mp3

5. Afterlife – How Does it Feel.mp3

6. Afterlife – On the Inside.mp3

7. Afterlife – Still.mp3

8. Afterlife – Smooch.mp3

9. Afterlife – Rood Beatz.mp3

10. Afterlife – Ozo.mp3

11. Afterlife – Miracle.mp3

12. Afterlife – Sunrise (DJ Thunda and K20 Allstar mix).mp3

13. Afterlife – Take Me Inside (Christophe Goze mix).mp3

14. Afterlife – Shine (Chris Coco mix).mp3

15. Afterlife – Miracle (Cantoma mix).mp3

16. Afterlife – Clear Blue Sky (James Bright mix).mp3

17. Afterlife – Sunrise (Roger Sanchez mix).mp3

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