In Strict Confidence — Live in Dahme album mp3

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title: In Strict Confidence — Live in Dahme album mp3

year: 1997
genre: electronic

MP3 track list:

1. In Strict Confidence – Intro (part 1).mp3

2. In Strict Confidence – Intro (part 2).mp3

3. In Strict Confidence – Dementia.mp3

4. In Strict Confidence – Falling Down.mp3

5. In Strict Confidence – Inside.mp3

6. In Strict Confidence – Become an Angel.mp3

7. In Strict Confidence – Sudorific.mp3

8. In Strict Confidence – Stripped.mp3

9. In Strict Confidence – Change My Vein.mp3

10. In Strict Confidence – Burning Angel.mp3

11. In Strict Confidence – Outro.mp3

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