JT the Bigga Figga — Something Crucial album mp3

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title: JT the Bigga Figga — Something Crucial album mp3

year: 2000
genre: rap

MP3 track list:

1. JT the Bigga Figga – Mob Wit this.mp3

2. JT the Bigga Figga – Thug in Me featuring Steady Mobbin.mp3

3. JT the Bigga Figga – Another Episode.mp3

4. JT the Bigga Figga – Certified featuring Killa Tay.mp3

5. JT the Bigga Figga – Fedi Can’t Buy Love.mp3

6. JT the Bigga Figga – The Hidden Hand.mp3

7. JT the Bigga Figga – Something Crucial.mp3

8. JT the Bigga Figga – Too Fly for Me.mp3

9. JT the Bigga Figga – Beware of Those featuring Mac Mall.mp3

10. JT the Bigga Figga – Get Low Anthem featuring da Gamblaz.mp3

11. JT the Bigga Figga – Don’t Get it Twisted.mp3

12. JT the Bigga Figga – Beating Prophecy featuring San Quin.mp3

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