Phonk Beta — Phonkphenomenon album mp3

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title: Phonk Beta — Phonkphenomenon album mp3

year: 2005
genre: gangsta rap

MP3 track list:

1. Phonk Beta – Intro.mp3

2. Phonk Beta – Money Rite Now (featuring Mally Mall and Lynch Hung).mp3

3. Phonk Beta – Bad Dreams.mp3

4. Phonk Beta – Insert 1.mp3

5. Phonk Beta – Diggin All in the Soil (featuring First Degree and the de).mp3

6. Phonk Beta – In the Picture Now.mp3

7. Phonk Beta – Beat 1.mp3

8. Phonk Beta – Have My Time (featuring D-Dubb).mp3

9. Phonk Beta – Dr Doggystyleataolcom.mp3

10. Phonk Beta – Consequences (featuring Lynch Hung and Cos).mp3

11. Phonk Beta – Street Hustle (featuring Zo Mally Mall Loki and Ta).mp3

12. Phonk Beta – Rush in the Spot (featuring Redbone).mp3

13. Phonk Beta – Butter and Bread (featuring Zagg).mp3

14. Phonk Beta – Drink 2 Much (featuring Lynch Hung and Cos).mp3

15. Phonk Beta – Who Ya Lookin for (featuring Loki and Cos).mp3

16. Phonk Beta – Novocain (featuring 2scoops).mp3

17. Phonk Beta – Pistol in the Bacc (featuring N-Pire and Devious).mp3

18. Phonk Beta – The Scent.mp3

19. Phonk Beta – Outro.mp3

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