Popa Chubby — Howd A White Boy Get the Blues album mp3

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title: Popa Chubby — Howd A White Boy Get the Blues album mp3

year: 2001
genre: rock

MP3 track list:

1. Popa Chubby – Daddy Played the Guitar and Mama was A Disco Queen.mp3

2. Popa Chubby – Black Hearted Woman.mp3

3. Popa Chubby – Carrying on the Torch of the Blues.mp3

4. Popa Chubby – Time is Killing Me.mp3

5. Popa Chubby – Savin My Love Up for My Lover.mp3

6. Popa Chubby – No Comfort.mp3

7. Popa Chubby – It’s A Sad Day in New York City When There Ain’t No Room for the Blues.mp3

8. Popa Chubby – Goin Down to Willies.mp3

9. Popa Chubby – Since I Lost My Leg.mp3

10. Popa Chubby – Howd A White Boy Get the Blues.mp3

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