Saragossa Band — Best of Saragossa Band album mp3

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title: Saragossa Band — Best of Saragossa Band album mp3

year: 2007
genre: disco

MP3 track list:

1. Saragossa Band – Agadou.mp3

2. Saragossa Band – Zabadak.mp3

3. Saragossa Band – Dschingis Khan Hatschi Alef Omar Moskau Medley.mp3

4. Saragossa Band – Sun of Jamaica.mp3

5. Saragossa Band – Big Kakadu.mp3

6. Saragossa Band – Coco.mp3

7. Saragossa Band – Big Bamboo.mp3

8. Saragossa Band – Kalimba de Luna.mp3

9. Saragossa Band – Lambada.mp3

10. Saragossa Band – Goodbye Hawaii.mp3

11. Saragossa Band – Ramba Zamba Medley.mp3

12. Saragossa Band – Agadou Big Bamboo Zabadak Medley.mp3

13. Saragossa Band – Megamix (mix).mp3

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