Trackstar — The Last Hip Hop Hero album mp3

title: Trackstar — The Last Hip Hop Hero album mp3

year: 2008
genre: gangsta rap

MP3 track list:

1. Trackstar – Yokin and Dippin.mp3

2. Trackstar – Sleep Why featuring Alias John Brown and Jha Safty.mp3

3. Trackstar – More than A Dream featuring Mordiki.mp3

4. Trackstar – Hip Hop vs Rap.mp3

5. Trackstar – 80 album Covers 3.mp3

6. Trackstar – Rap Gods featuring Equipto.mp3

7. Trackstar – Vanilla Sky.mp3

8. Trackstar – More Amazing.mp3

9. Trackstar – Hard Beats and Hard Rhymes featuring Alias John Brown and Jha Safty.mp3

10. Trackstar – Mordatrack featuring Mordiki.mp3

11. Trackstar – Born A Bastard featuring Wic.mp3

12. Trackstar – I Still Get High.mp3

13. Trackstar – Drugs.mp3

14. Trackstar – Million Dollar Mann it.mp3

15. Trackstar – Wasssupi (remix) featuring Keak da Sneak Wic and Lee Majors.mp3

16. Trackstar – Real Life featuring Mordiki.mp3

17. Trackstar – Be Me.mp3

18. Trackstar – The State of Hip Hop.mp3

19. Trackstar – Outro.mp3

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