Various Artists — Be True to Your School album mp3

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title: Various Artists — Be True to Your School album mp3

year: 2008
genre: indie

MP3 track list:

1. Discordia – Y Sun Over Discordia.mp3

2. Finlay – Home.mp3

3. Tender Trap – Oh Katrina.mp3

4. Sodastream – Blinky.mp3

5. Bearsuit – Itsuko Got Married.mp3

6. Mark 700 – Catchy Monkey.mp3

7. Cannonball Jane – Take it to Fantastic.mp3

8. The Chemistry Experiment – You’re the Prettiest Thing.mp3

9. The Loves – XS and Os.mp3

10. Micktravis – Yvonne.mp3

11. The Butterflies of Love – Rob A Bank.mp3

12. Spraydog – Dialling Mitt.mp3

13. International Strike Force – I’m A Tiger.mp3

14. Twinkie – TK1.mp3

15. Fanfarlo – Talking Backwards.mp3

16. The Lucksmiths – T-Shirt Weather.mp3

17. MJ Hibbett – Works All Right (It’s A Proper Job).mp3

18. Taking Pictures – Fallen Angel.mp3

19. Airport Girl – Between Delta and Delaware.mp3

20. Mogul – Starving Hungry in Tescos.mp3

21. Milky Wimpshake – Dialling Tone.mp3

22. The Aislers set – The Walk.mp3

23. Would-Be-Goods – Too Old.mp3

24. Comet Gain – You Can Hide Your Love Forever.mp3

25. Homescience – Small Music.mp3

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