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title: Various Artists — D-Unit album mp3

year: 2004
genre: hip-hop

MP3 track list:

1. Jags (Dsi) featuring J. Nas – Mitra Dey Haat Farkey.mp3

2. Sound Ministry featuring Lember Hussainpuri – Ashiq Tera.mp3

3. Rouge – Don’t Be Shy.mp3

4. J. Nas featuring Lember Hussainpuri – Bhangra Bina.mp3

5. Hollywood Harv – Hot in Herre (Skit).mp3

6. Sugahill and Error featuring Karan MC – Ta Ta Mar da.mp3

7. J. Nas vs Lil Sach featuring Karan MC – Kargi.mp3

8. Lil Sach featuring Sukwinder Gossal – Mitra de.mp3

9. Sugahill and Deeper Error featuring Sangeeta – Multani.mp3

10. Sugahill and Deeper Error featuring Karan MC – Gangsta Drop.mp3

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