Various Artists — DJ Smallz and B.G. album mp3

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title: Various Artists — DJ Smallz and B.G. album mp3

year: 2005
genre: rap

MP3 track list:

1. Chopper City Boyz – News Bulletin.mp3

2. DJ Smallz and B. G. – Chopper City intro.mp3

3. B. G. featuring Hakizzle and Gar – How We Rock.mp3

4. Meet B. G. – Of the Chopper City Boyz.mp3

5. Hakizzle featuring Gar and Vl Mike – Be Like Me.mp3

6. Gar featuring Vl Mike and Hakizzle – Down.mp3

7. Vl Mike and DJ Smallz – Freestyle.mp3

8. B. G. featuring Soulja Slim – In These Streets.mp3

9. Meet Vl Mike – Of the Chopper City Boyz.mp3

10. Vl Mike featuring Maal the Pimp – Yall Heard of us.mp3

11. B G – Uptown Anthem.mp3

12. Vl Mike and Hakizzle – What U Wanna Do.mp3

13. Meet Snipe – Of the Chopper City Boyz.mp3

14. Snipe featuring Vl Mike – My Life.mp3

15. B G – Some Next Level Shit.mp3

16. Meet Gar – Of the Chopper City Boyz.mp3

17. B. G. featuring Hakizzle and Gar – No No No.mp3

18. Meet Hakizzle – Of the Chopper City Boyz.mp3

19. B. G. and the Chopper City Boyz – Datz Me.mp3

20. B G – I’m A Fool Wit it.mp3

21. B. G. featuring 5th Ward Weebie – Work Dat Shit.mp3

22. Hakizzle featuring Sniper and Vl Mike – Bounce.mp3

23. Vl Mike featuring Hakizzle and Gar – Givin You Game.mp3

24. B. G. featuring Hakizzle – Get Yo Shine on 2005.mp3

25. DJ Smallz and B. G. – Chopper City Outro.mp3

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