Various Artists — E-40 presents the Bay Bridges Compilation volume 1 album mp3

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title: Various Artists — E-40 presents the Bay Bridges Compilation volume 1 album mp3

year: 2005
genre: gangsta rap

MP3 track list:

1. E-40 – Intro.mp3

2. Tha Hoodstarz (featuring Turf Talk and E-40) – Bull Shit.mp3

3. A2thak Young Dru and Lay Low – Break U Down.mp3

4. Bavgate – On the radio.mp3

5. Money Gang – Back in Effect.mp3

6. Keak da Sneak PSD Mistah Fab – Show Me the Deer Foot.mp3

7. The Team – Smoke Wit Me.mp3

8. Tha Dbz – Get Busy.mp3

9. Mac Mall – Slobber.mp3

10. The Mossie (featuring E-40 Turf Talk and the Federation) – Go Ignat.mp3

11. Sky Balla – Young Rich Kid.mp3

12. Big Rich and Ya Boy – Meet the Dealers.mp3

13. Tha Factorz – In My Hood.mp3

14. Mac Shawn Lil Bruce Turf Talk and J Minix – Bay Business.mp3

15. Dbz (featuring E-40) – No Trouble.mp3

16. E-40 (featuring Stress-Matic) – The Dummy (bonus track).mp3

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