Various Artists — The Rza presents Afro Samurai (the Soundtrack) album mp3

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title: Various Artists — The Rza presents Afro Samurai (the Soundtrack) album mp3

year: 2007
genre: rap

MP3 track list:

1. The Rza – Afro Theme.mp3

2. The Rza – Afro intro (instrumental).mp3

3. The Rza – Certified Samurai (featuring Talib Kweli Lil Free and Suga Bang).mp3

4. The Rza – Just A Lil Dude Who Dat Ovah There (featuring Q-Tip and Free Murder).mp3

5. The Rza – Afros Father Fight (instrumental).mp3

6. The Rza – Oh (Stone Mecca).mp3

7. The Rza – The Walk (Stone Mecca).mp3

8. The Rza – Bazooka Fight (instrumental 1).mp3

9. The Rza – Who is Tha Man (featuring the Reverend William Burk).mp3

10. The Rza – Ninjaman (instrumental).mp3

11. The Rza – Cameo Afro (featuring Big Daddy Kane GZA and Suga Bang).mp3

12. The Rza – Tears of A Samurai (instrumental).mp3

13. The Rza – Take Sword part 1 (featuring Beretta 9).mp3

14. The Rza – The Empty 7 Theme (instrumental).mp3

15. The Rza – Baby (featuring Maurice).mp3

16. The Rza – Take Sword part 2 (featuring 60 Seconds and True Master).mp3

17. The Rza – Bazooka Fight 2 (instrumental 2).mp3

18. The Rza – Fury in My Eyes Revenge (featuring Thea).mp3

19. The Rza – Afro Samurai Theme (First Movement) (instrumental).mp3

20. The Rza – Afro Samurai Theme (Second Movement) (instrumental).mp3

21. Bobby Digital – Insomnia (featuring Jay Love) (bonus track).mp3

22. Bobby Digital – So Fly (featuring Division) (bonus track).mp3

23. Bobby Digital – We All We Got (featuring Black Knights) (bonus track).mp3

24. Bobby Digital – Glorious Day (featuring Dexter Wiggles) (bonus track).mp3

25. The Rza – Series Outro (instrumental).mp3

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