Various Artists — The Very Best of North Africa album mp3

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title: Various Artists — The Very Best of North Africa album mp3

year: 2005
genre: ethnic

MP3 track list:

1. Cheb Mami – Le Rai Est.mp3

2. Amr Diab – Habibi (remix).mp3

3. Rachid Taha – Rock the Casbah.mp3

4. Hakim featuring James Brown – Lela.mp3

5. Sawt El Atlas – Ne Me Jugez Pas.mp3

6. Orchestra National de Barbes – Ourar.mp3

7. Cheb Hasni – Yahssen Aouni.mp3

8. Elissa – Irham Albi.mp3

9. Faudel – Manuja.mp3

10. Hamid El Gnawi – Fangoro.mp3

11. Ali Hasan Kuban – Kabruk.mp3

12. Salamat – Noura.mp3

13. Houssaine Kili – Gnawa.mp3

14. Khaled – Aicha.mp3

15. U, Cef – Tagazoot.mp3

16. Amina – Dis-Moi Pourquoi.mp3

17. Duoud – Foe Nedim.mp3

18. Natacha Atlas – Mon Ami la Rose.mp3

19. Bellemou Messaoud – Lala Habibi Ouah.mp3

20. Souad Massi – Nekreh El Kald.mp3

21. Dimi Mint ABBA – Ashabab Yidie Shabab Aldual.mp3

22. Maurice El Medioni – Ya Maalem.mp3

23. Kad Achouri – Liberte.mp3

24. Naajat Atabou – La Hila Bidi.mp3

25. Master Musicians of Jajouka – The House of Barkar.mp3

26. Oum Kalthoum – Al Ward Gamil.mp3

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