Choi Yoon Sung — Self Titled album mp3

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title: Choi Yoon Sung — Self Titled album mp3

year: 2006
genre: pop

MP3 track list:

1. Choi Yoon Sung – Jo.mp3

2. Choi Yoon Sung – 20050203.mp3

3. Choi Yoon Sung – Mukyunggepengchang Energy.mp3

4. Choi Yoon Sung – Memories of Teardrops.mp3

5. Choi Yoon Sung – Memories of Teardrops (remix).mp3

6. Choi Yoon Sung – I and I Yogurt of Munsuk (featuring Lee Munsuk).mp3

7. Choi Yoon Sung – The Moon.mp3

8. Choi Yoon Sung – Miami.mp3

9. Choi Yoon Sung – I Want to Talk.mp3

10. Choi Yoon Sung – 9 1 9.mp3

11. Choi Yoon Sung – I and I.mp3

12. Choi Yoon Sung – We are Happy.mp3

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