Fif Letta — Under Construction volume 1 album mp3

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title: Fif Letta — Under Construction volume 1 album mp3

year: 2004
genre: gangsta rap

MP3 track list:

1. Fif Letta – Intro.mp3

2. Fif Letta – Smoke A Lot.mp3

3. Fif Letta – Where Ya Hood at.mp3

4. Fif Letta – Fast Flow Freestyle.mp3

5. Fif Letta – Get 2 Know U.mp3

6. Fif Letta – Run and Tell that.mp3

7. Fif Letta – Rule Book.mp3

8. Fif Letta – Late Night Creep.mp3

9. Fif Letta – Freestyle.mp3

10. Fif Letta – They Can’t Fuck Wit Me.mp3

11. Fif Letta – Cash Flow.mp3

12. Fif Letta – Doing My Job (My Niggaz).mp3

13. Fif Letta – Being Real.mp3

14. Fif Letta – Why (Down South).mp3

15. Fif Letta – Moving.mp3

16. Fif Letta – Land of the Lost.mp3

17. Fif Letta – Smoke A Lot (chopped).mp3

18. Fif Letta – Get 2 Know U (chopped).mp3

19. Fif Letta – Where Ya Hood at (chopped).mp3

20. Fif Letta – Forever (chopped).mp3

21. Fif Letta – Wreck 2 Dis (chopped).mp3

22. Fif Letta – Outro.mp3

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