First Words — Cheaters album mp3

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title: First Words — Cheaters album mp3

year: 2008
genre: hip-hop

MP3 track list:

1. First Words – Intro.mp3

2. First Words – Cheaters.mp3

3. First Words – Talk to My Manger featuring Ghettosocks.mp3

4. First Words – Stand Up and Be Counted for featuring Lamar Ashe.mp3

5. First Words – What You Been Missing.mp3

6. First Words – Routines featuring Ghettosocks.mp3

7. First Words – And Now.mp3

8. First Words – Bobbi with an I.mp3

9. First Words – Tinted Windows Boomin System 2.mp3

10. First Words – Find Fool and Forget Em.mp3

11. First Words – Joint featuring Monark.mp3

12. First Words – Avenue X featuring Buck 65 Ghettosocks and DJ Cosmo.mp3

13. First Words – Spesh Called Me from A Kool Herc Party.mp3

14. First Words – One of the Best.mp3

15. First Words – Workit out.mp3

16. First Words – Showmen Em.mp3

17. First Words – Stv and the Truth.mp3

18. First Words – Crazy Boys the Irresponsibility Song.mp3

19. First Words – What is Normal Anyway.mp3

20. First Words – This Ain’t A Mixtape featuring Mick D and Monark.mp3

21. First Words – The Real Me.mp3

22. First Words – Annie on A Rampage.mp3

23. First Words – Smash featuring Philmost the Soulman.mp3

24. First Words – How to Successfully Screw the Industry Back.mp3

25. First Words – Just Clap.mp3

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