Lutan Fiyah — Promo CD album mp3

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title: Lutan Fiyah — Promo CD album mp3

year: 2003
genre: reggae

MP3 track list:

1. Lutan Fiyah – Rough Road.mp3

2. Lutan Fiyah – Enemies and Friends.mp3

3. Lutan Fiyah – Learn Your Lessons.mp3

4. Lutan Fiyah – Our Fathers Will.mp3

5. Lutan Fiyah – Rise and Shine.mp3

6. Lutan Fiyah – All is Said and Done.mp3

7. Lutan Fiyah – Do What You Gotta Do.mp3

8. Lutan Fiyah – Fling Rock Stone.mp3

9. Lutan Fiyah – Armegeddon War.mp3

10. Lutan Fiyah – 15 Years to Life.mp3

11. Lutan Fiyah – Be Conscious.mp3

12. Lutan Fiyah – Really Cares.mp3

13. Lutan Fiyah – No More War.mp3

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