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title: Milk Inc — The Best of album mp3

year: 2007
genre: dance

MP3 track list:

1. Milk Inc – Sunrise.mp3

2. Milk Inc – Run (radio edit).mp3

3. Milk Inc – Never Again (Single mix).mp3

4. Milk Inc – Whisper (radio).mp3

5. Milk Inc – Walk on Water (H2O radio mix).mp3

6. Milk Inc – Time.mp3

7. Milk Inc – Breathe Without You.mp3

8. Milk Inc – Inside of Me (Full vocal radio edit).mp3

9. Milk Inc – Sleepwalker (radio edit).mp3

10. Milk Inc – Livin A Lie (Video mix).mp3

11. Milk Inc – The Sun Always Shines on TV (radio edit).mp3

12. Milk Inc – Land of the Living (radio edit).mp3

13. Milk Inc – In My Eyes (radio edit).mp3

14. Milk Inc – Blind (radio edit).mp3

15. Milk Inc – Promise (radio edit).mp3

16. Milk Inc – I Don’t Care.mp3

17. Milk Inc – Tainted Love (radio).mp3

18. Milk Inc – Oceans (Uht radio mix).mp3

19. Milk Inc – No Angel (radio album).mp3

20. Milk Inc – La Vache (Praga Khan 7 vocal version).mp3

21. Milk Inc – Go to Hell (radio edit).mp3

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