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title: Ministry of Sound — Testament of House album mp3

year: 2003
genre: house

MP3 track list:

1. Boosty Collins featuring One – Dance to the Music.mp3

2. Jon Cutler featuring Sarah Anne Web – Dawn.mp3

3. Shik Stylkoe featuring Tyree Cooper – Grove You out Tonight.mp3

4. Over Like A Fat Rat – Cic.mp3

5. Another Day – Cic.mp3

6. Keep on Risin – Cic.mp3

7. Moodbangers – Cic.mp3

8. Hardsoul featuring Ron Carroll – Back Together.mp3

9. Can’t Stop – Cic.mp3

10. Lone Cat – Cic.mp3

11. Secrat Strawberries – Cic.mp3

12. Just that Way – Cic.mp3

13. Fellin Love – Cic.mp3

14. Main Vein (Kneedeep Clubmix) – Cic.mp3

15. Do You Feel (Kneedeep Clubmix) – Cic.mp3

16. Stereos Flava (Jamie Lewis remix) – Cic.mp3

17. If it Ain’t Nothing (Criccos dub) – Cic.mp3

18. Wintersong (Winterclub) – Cic.mp3

19. Autosoul (Rasmus Faber dub) – Cic.mp3

20. Late at Night – Cic.mp3

21. The Light (Jazzngroove Primetime dub) – Cic.mp3

22. Don’t Go Loose Your Pride (Wandt Strong Reprise) – Cic.mp3

23. Another Day (Club mix) – Cic.mp3

24. Rhythm of Life (UBP Classic mix) – Cic.mp3

25. Fake (Phunk Investigation dub edit) – Cic.mp3

26. Mysterious Vibes (Deep mix) – Cic.mp3

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