Nikou Oota — Daphne in the Brilliant Blue (OST) album mp3

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title: Nikou Oota — Daphne in the Brilliant Blue (OST) album mp3

year: 2004
genre: anime

MP3 track list:

1. Nikou Oota – Seijaku.mp3

2. Nikou Oota – Neres Hodo Suteki Na Shoubai Wa Nai.mp3

3. Nikou Oota – Nonki Na Hitobito.mp3

4. Nikou Oota – Neres Koudou Kaishi.mp3

5. Nikou Oota – Training.mp3

6. Nikou Oota – Suimen No Kagayaki.mp3

7. Nikou Oota – Nodoka Na Hirusagari.mp3

8. Nikou Oota – Maia Ganbaru.mp3

9. Nikou Oota – Yasashii Kimochi.mp3

10. Nikou Oota – Hito No Kokoro Ni Fureta Toki.mp3

11. Nikou Oota – Ojii Chan He No Omoi.mp3

12. Nikou Oota – Nemurenai Yoru.mp3

13. Nikou Oota – Suimen Ni Utsuru Tsuki.mp3

14. Nikou Oota – Akaruku Maemuki Ni Ikimashou.mp3

15. Nikou Oota – Subtitle.mp3

16. Nikou Oota – Eyecatch.mp3

17. Nikou Oota – Tsuiseki 1.mp3

18. Nikou Oota – Kinpakukan.mp3

19. Nikou Oota – Tsuiseki 2.mp3

20. Nikou Oota – Jiken No Yokan.mp3

21. Nikou Oota – Battle.mp3

22. Nikou Oota – Mysterious Girls.mp3

23. Nikou Oota – Donna Toki Mo.mp3

24. Nikou Oota – Tohoho.mp3

25. Nikou Oota – Wasuretai.mp3

26. Nikou Oota – Ninmu Kanryou.mp3

27. Nikou Oota – Ashita No Blue Wing (TV Size) by Sae (Opening).mp3

28. Nikou Oota – Anata to Yuujikan (TV Size) by Coorie (Ending).mp3

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