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title: Paris Watson — Provocative Hustler album mp3

year: 2002
genre: rap

MP3 track list:

1. Paris Watson – Intro.mp3

2. Paris Watson – No Feelings Attached.mp3

3. Paris Watson – This is What the Fuck I Do.mp3

4. Paris Watson – Role Model (Skit).mp3

5. Paris Watson – Multiplying Them Grands (featuring Luckball).mp3

6. Paris Watson – Grinding (Freestyle) (featuring Young Legend N Luckball).mp3

7. Paris Watson – Tropical Beauty (featuring G. S. as-is Nicola N Deon).mp3

8. Paris Watson – Standing Women Up (featuring as-is).mp3

9. Paris Watson – It’s Kool Relax (featuring as-is N London).mp3

10. Paris Watson – Gone with that (featuring Luckball N G. S).mp3

11. Paris Watson – Champion (Freestyle) (featuring as-is G. S. N Luckball).mp3

12. Paris Watson – Off the top of the Dome (featuring London).mp3

13. Paris Watson – Lights Cameras Action (Skit).mp3

14. Paris Watson – Rude but Smooth.mp3

15. Paris Watson – We Got Them Thangs (featuring Luckball N Bryan Whitfield).mp3

16. Paris Watson – Playmate Bunny (featuring Libra).mp3

17. Paris Watson – Y My Life (featuring London).mp3

18. Paris Watson – Who’s it Gonna Be (featuring Nicola).mp3

19. Paris Watson – Ugly (Freestyle).mp3

20. Paris Watson – Ill Even Flow 2 this (featuring Luckball).mp3

21. Paris Watson – Clarify Your Values.mp3

22. Paris Watson – 365 (featuring Avo N London).mp3

23. Paris Watson – What We Do (featuring Freestyle N Luckball).mp3

24. Paris Watson – When U R A Pimp (Skit).mp3

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