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title: Various Artists — Die Flut album mp3

year: 2002
genre: electronic

MP3 track list:

1. Girls Under Glass – Frozen.mp3

2. Clan of Xymox – Special Friends.mp3

3. Ikon – Shallow.mp3

4. Shock Therapy – Disorder.mp3

5. Ghosting – Lion King.mp3

6. Unheilig – Die Macht.mp3

7. Terminal Choice – Castles in the Sky.mp3

8. The Fair Sex – Lost Trace.mp3

9. Goethes Erben – Der Eissturm.mp3

10. Engelsstaub – Faerieland.mp3

11. Stoa – Autumn.mp3

12. Soil and Eclipse – Omagnum Mysterium.mp3

13. Chandeen – My Worlds Depends on You.mp3

14. La Floa Maldita – Liason Fatale.mp3

15. Ion Javelin and Harald Loewy – Ge-8.mp3

16. Scarecrow – Up and Down.mp3

17. Dorsetshire – Timemachine.mp3

18. Diary of Dreams – Obrother Sleep.mp3

19. Angels and Agony – Forever.mp3

20. Seabound – Exorcize.mp3

21. Assemblage 23 – Divide.mp3

22. Xpq 21 – Stay Till Tomorrow.mp3

23. Melotron – Alles Von Dir.mp3

24. Neuroticfish – Velocity.mp3

25. Covenant – One World One Sky.mp3

26. The Retrosic – Ground Zero.mp3

27. Hocico – Instincts of Perversion.mp3

28. Pierrepoint – Stadtkind.mp3

29. Dive – Dreamhunter.mp3

30. Tristesse de la Lune – Strangeland.mp3

31. Aburd Minds – Question.mp3

32. In Strict Confidence – Herzattacke.mp3

33. Blutengel – Children of the Night.mp3

34. VNV Nation – Left Behind.mp3

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