Various Artists — Klezmer Pioneers (1905-1952) album mp3

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title: Various Artists — Klezmer Pioneers (1905-1952) album mp3

year: 1993
genre: ethnic

MP3 track list:

1. Art Shryer – Dem Rebens Tanz.mp3

2. Art Shryer – Zapfenstreich.mp3

3. Abe Elenkrig – Fon Der Choope.mp3

4. Sam Musiker – A Heimisher Bulgar.mp3

5. Belf – Ma Yofus.mp3

6. Mishka Tsiganoff – Grichisher Tantz.mp3

7. Abe Schwartz – AI Raci Ku Ne Draci.mp3

8. Abe Schwartz – A Dreidele Far All-Freilachs.mp3

9. Joseph Cherniavsky – Kalle Bezetzns Un A Freilachs.mp3

10. Kandel – Die Chasidim Forren Tsum Rebbin.mp3

11. Mihal Vitezaul – Doina Un Sirba.mp3

12. Alexander Olshanetsky – Ein Kik Af Dir.mp3

13. Abe Schwartz – Tantz-A-Freilachs.mp3

14. Josef Solinski – Orientalishe Motive II.mp3

15. Kandel – A Laibediga Honga.mp3

16. Mishka Ziganoff, Odessa – Bulgar.mp3

17. Naftule Brandwein, Der Heisser – Tartar Dance.mp3

18. Israel Hochman – Bessarabier Chosidl.mp3

19. Joseph Moschowitz – Doina.mp3

20. Belf – Bessarabian Hora.mp3

21. Art Shryer – Mit Der Kalle Tanzen.mp3

22. Dave Tarras – Dem Trisker Rebbins Chosid.mp3

23. Abe Katzman – Erinerung Fun Kishenev.mp3

24. Sam Musiker – Der Fetter Maxs Bulgar.mp3

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