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title: Various Artists — Recovery album mp3

year: 1999
genre: indie

MP3 track list:

1. The Living End – All Torn Down.mp3

2. Gerling – Death to the Apple Gerts.mp3

3. B (if)Tek – Bedrock.mp3

4. You am I – Heavy Heart.mp3

5. Secret Chiefs 3 – Renunciation.mp3

6. The Lucksmiths – Punchlines.mp3

7. The Superjesus – Sandfly.mp3

8. Matt Walker and Ashley Davies – I Listen to the Night.mp3

9. Wicked Mindz – Book by the Cover.mp3

10. John Reed Club – Stamp Duty.mp3

11. Mental as Anything – The Nips are Getting Bigger.mp3

12. Something for Kate – Roll Credit.mp3

13. The Avalanches – Rock City.mp3

14. Dave Graney – Between Times.mp3

15. Moses Ojah – Makola.mp3

16. Custard – Girls Like that.mp3

17. Eskimo Joe – Sweater.mp3

18. The Whitlams – No Aphrodisiac.mp3

19. Dirty Three – Sirena.mp3

20. Skunkhour – Stadium Techno.mp3

21. Regurgitator – Black Bugs.mp3

22. Voitek vs Honeysmack – Live.mp3

23. Jebediah – Harpoon.mp3

24. The Blackeyed Susans – Blue Skies Blue Sea.mp3

25. Arkana – The Futures Overrated.mp3

26. Blackfire – Stricken Land.mp3

27. Automatic – Pump it Up.mp3

28. Nancy Vandal – Rock and Roll Concert.mp3

29. Xylouris Ensemble – My Mind the Boatman.mp3

30. The Brown Hornet – Live.mp3

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