Cecile Corbel — Songbook 1 album mp3

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title: Cecile Corbel — Songbook 1 album mp3

year: 2006
genre: celtic

MP3 track list:

1. Cecile Corbel – Suil a Ruin.mp3

2. Cecile Corbel – Le Vent Memporte.mp3

3. Cecile Corbel – Stor Mo Chroi.mp3

4. Cecile Corbel – She Moved Through the Fair.mp3

5. Cecile Corbel – Auchindoun.mp3

6. Cecile Corbel – Blackbird.mp3

7. Cecile Corbel – Choant Dimein.mp3

8. Cecile Corbel – Bemnoz.mp3

9. Cecile Corbel – Three Ravens.mp3

10. Cecile Corbel – Dellum Down.mp3

11. Cecile Corbel – Red Rose.mp3

12. Cecile Corbel – Valse Des Ondines (version 2006).mp3

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