The Cure — Greatest Hits album mp3

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title: The Cure — Greatest Hits album mp3

year: 2001
genre: gothic

MP3 track list:

1. The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry.mp3

2. The Cure – A Forest.mp3

3. The Cure – Let’s Go to Bed.mp3

4. The Cure – The Lovecats.mp3

5. The Cure – The Caterpillar.mp3

6. The Cure – Inbetween Days.mp3

7. The Cure – Close to Me.mp3

8. The Cure – Why Can’t I Be You.mp3

9. The Cure – Just Like Heaven.mp3

10. The Cure – Lullaby.mp3

11. The Cure – Lovesong.mp3

12. The Cure – Pictures of You.mp3

13. The Cure – Never Enough.mp3

14. The Cure – High.mp3

15. The Cure – Friday I’m in Love.mp3

16. The Cure – Mint Car.mp3

17. The Cure – Wrong Number.mp3

18. The Cure – Cut Here.mp3

19. The Cure – Just Say Yes.mp3

20. The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry (Acoustic).mp3

21. The Cure – A Forest (Acoustic).mp3

22. The Cure – Let’s Go to Bed (Acoustic).mp3

23. The Cure – The Lovecats (Acoustic).mp3

24. The Cure – The Caterpillar (Acoustic).mp3

25. The Cure – Inbetween Days (Acoustic).mp3

26. The Cure – Close to Me (Acoustic).mp3

27. The Cure – Why Can’t I Be You (Acoustic).mp3

28. The Cure – Just Like Heaven (Acoustic).mp3

29. The Cure – Lullaby (Acoustic).mp3

30. The Cure – Lovesong (Acoustic).mp3

31. The Cure – Never Enough (Acoustic).mp3

32. The Cure – High (Acoustic).mp3

33. The Cure – Friday I’m in Love (Acoustic).mp3

34. The Cure – Mint Car (Acoustic).mp3

35. The Cure – Wrong Number (Acoustic).mp3

36. The Cure – Cut Here (Acoustic).mp3

37. The Cure – Just Say Yes (Acoustic).mp3

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