Andrew Lloyd Webber — A Musical Tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber album mp3

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title: Andrew Lloyd Webber — A Musical Tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber album mp3

year: 1994
genre: musical

MP3 track list:

1. Andrew Lloyd Webber – Take that Look Off Your Face.mp3

2. Andrew Lloyd Webber – The Phantom of the Opera.mp3

3. Andrew Lloyd Webber – Don’t Cry for Me Agentina.mp3

4. Andrew Lloyd Webber – Close Every Door.mp3

5. Andrew Lloyd Webber – Only He Has the Power to Move Me.mp3

6. Andrew Lloyd Webber – Jesus Christ Superstar.mp3

7. Andrew Lloyd Webber – Sunset Boulevard.mp3

8. Andrew Lloyd Webber – Mr Mistoffeles.mp3

9. Andrew Lloyd Webber – The Music of the Night.mp3

10. Andrew Lloyd Webber – Memory.mp3

11. Andrew Lloyd Webber – All I Ask of You.mp3

12. Andrew Lloyd Webber – I Don’t Know How to Love HIM.mp3

13. Andrew Lloyd Webber – Pie Jesu.mp3

14. Andrew Lloyd Webber – Love Changes Everything.mp3

15. Andrew Lloyd Webber – Another Suitcase in Another Hall.mp3

16. Andrew Lloyd Webber – Tell Me on A Sunday.mp3

17. Andrew Lloyd Webber – Josephs Coat.mp3

18. Andrew Lloyd Webber – Starlight Express.mp3

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