Clark Terry — Express album mp3

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title: Clark Terry — Express album mp3

year: 1996
genre: swing

MP3 track list:

1. Clark Terry – Squeeze Me.mp3

2. Clark Terry – Juniflip.mp3

3. Clark Terry – Rockin in Rhythm.mp3

4. Clark Terry – Just A-Sittin and A-Rockin.mp3

5. Clark Terry – The Star-Crossed Lovers.mp3

6. Clark Terry – Easy Does.mp3

7. Clark Terry – C. T. S’Express.mp3

8. Clark Terry – Do Nothing Til You Hear from Me.mp3

9. Clark Terry – I Want A Little Girl.mp3

10. Clark Terry – Launching.mp3

11. Clark Terry – Harlem Airshaft.mp3

12. Clark Terry – Nodido.mp3

13. Clark Terry – Cotton Tail.mp3

14. Clark Terry – Something to live for.mp3

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