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title: Elvis Presley — Ultimate Gospel album mp3

year: 2004
genre: gospel

MP3 track list:

1. Elvis Presley – How Great Thou Art with the Jordanaires.mp3

2. Elvis Presley – So High with the Jordanaires.mp3

3. Elvis Presley – Amazing Grace.mp3

4. Elvis Presley – Crying in the Chapel with the Jordanaires.mp3

5. Elvis Presley – Youll Never Walk Alone with the Jordanaires.mp3

6. Elvis Presley – Swing Down Sweet Chariot with the Jordanaires.mp3

7. Elvis Presley – Milky White Way with the Jordanaires.mp3

8. Elvis Presley – His Hand in Mine with the Jordanaires.mp3

9. Elvis Presley – I Believe in the Man in the Sky with the Jordanaires.mp3

10. Elvis Presley – Where Could I Go but to the Lord with the Jordanaires.mp3

11. Elvis Presley – If the Lord Wasnt Walking by My Side with the Jordanaires.mp3

12. Elvis Presley – Run on with the Jordanaires.mp3

13. Elvis Presley – He Touched Me.mp3

14. Elvis Presley – Bosom of Abraham.mp3

15. Elvis Presley – Lead Me Guide Me.mp3

16. Elvis Presley – Joshua Fit the Battle with the Jordanaires.mp3

17. Elvis Presley – If We Never Meet Again with the Jordanaires.mp3

18. Elvis Presley – I John.mp3

19. Elvis Presley – Reach out to Jesus.mp3

20. Elvis Presley – Who am I.mp3

21. Elvis Presley – Help Me.mp3

22. Elvis Presley – Miracle of the Rosary.mp3

23. Elvis Presley – Take My Hand Precious Lord with the Jordanaires.mp3

24. Elvis Presley – Therell Be Peace in the Valley for Me with the Jordanaires.mp3

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