C R O W — Operation K.A.P. album mp3

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title: C R O W — Operation K.A.P. album mp3

year: 1999
genre: christian gangsta

MP3 track list:

1. C R O W – Phone Message.mp3

2. C R O W – The Decision.mp3

3. C R O W – Pimp Types.mp3

4. C R O W – I’m Real.mp3

5. C R O W – Baller.mp3

6. C R O W – San Diego.mp3

7. C R O W – Over Comer.mp3

8. C R O W – The Bone.mp3

9. C R O W – Shady.mp3

10. C R O W – The Life.mp3

11. C R O W – The Mistake.mp3

12. C R O W – Don’t Front.mp3

13. C R O W – The Trap.mp3

14. C R O W – Exodus.mp3

15. C R O W – The Pit.mp3

16. C R O W – I Feel Ya.mp3

17. C R O W – The Test.mp3

18. C R O W – The Truth.mp3

19. C R O W – Get Saved.mp3

20. C R O W – The Message.mp3

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