Miranda Kerr has stolen Orlando Bloom’s heart


Orland Bloom was certain to receive a monstrous payday had he agreed to star in Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Instead this dude decided to pass that up to spend more time with his girlfriend, lovely young model Miranda Kerr. This hot celebrity is easily one of the most beautiful babes on the planet so his decision is understandable. He would prefer to keep the money he has already made and spend his time on the beach where this chick can go topless and show the world how amazingly sexy she’s. We love young celeb Miranda Kerr and hope she models topless more often.

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Rihanna shows of a gown with a deep vagina

Rihanna shows of a gown with a deep slit

Rihanna shows of a gown with a deep slit

Hot celeb Rihanna is a pretty caramel goddess with a world class body that this babe knows she needs to show off. This chick doesn’t mind flaunting it and during a night out in New York she was captured by paparazzi wearing a daring costume with a cunt all the way up to her nether region. The young star wore it well and everyone looking on was amazed at how confidently she walked. This is a gal that knows people desire her and this chick revels in it. She’s a gorgeous celeb and you should appreciate her beauty.

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Ashley Tisdale smokin’ pretty in a bikini in Mexico

Ashley Tisdale 1

Ashley Tisdale is a blooming beauty. The young celeb became famous for her role in the High School Musical videos and now the hot blonde (and sometimes brunette) is an adult and we can all admire the hotness of her celeb body in a bikini. She took a vacation to Mexico and when gals with hot bodies are at the beach or the pool they always wear their bikinis. This hottie is sensational and inspirational and will have you dreaming of erotic pleasures. That’s why we love hot celebrities and their hot bods.

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Megan Fox looks super sexy going out for coffee

Megan Fox 1

The way you can tell a truly hot celebrity from one that is made to look hot on camera is how they look when they’re doing the little things in life. Beautiful celeb Megan Fox was recently snapped by the paparazzi as this hottie made a coffee run. She’s wearing thick rimmed glasses and has her hair pulled back. The outfit is pretty simple and yet she looks about as gorgeous as a girl ever has. Does this young celeb ever look bad or is she just the hottest thing on the planet?

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Vanessa Hudgens showing her cute whoppers in a naked shot


Sexy celeb Vanessa Hudgens thought this babe was doing something sweet and a little bit naughty for her boyfriend when she whipped out her cell phone and snapped a few nude pictures. She was standing in her mirror wearing a sparkly little belt around her waist to cover her snatch but the delicious celeb mounds and the tender tummy are there for the viewing. This is one smokin’ hot babe. You can see why she’s so popular. Now you too can see Vanessa Hudgens naked in shots that were intended for her boyfriend only.

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